Every few weeks I invite someone I like and admire to read me a poem that they absolutely love and has been a kind of touchstone in their lives, a poem they carry around in their existential First Aid Kit, their own personal koan. After reading, we chat about their poem and see what we can make of it. If my guest is a poet I also invite them to read one of their own poems which serves this function for me.

Episode 1: Jane Davis prescribes THE FLOWER by George Herbert
Episode 2: Etgar Keret prescribes THE AMEN STONE by Yehuda Amichai
Episode 3: William Sieghart prescribes AUBADE by Phillip Larkin
Episode 4: Marcus Slease prescribes THE WONDERFUL FOCUS OF YOU by Joanne Kyger
Episode 5: Niall O’Sullivan prescribes THE STRANGE HOURS TRAVELLERS KEEP by August Kleinzahler
Episode 6: Laura Barber prescribes I DWELL IN POSSIBILITY by Emily Dickinson
Episode 7: Sarah Salway prescribes Kenneth White’s WINTER WOOD & INTELLECTUAL GATHERING
Episode 8: Edward Espe Brown prescribes Rumi’s STORY WATER
Episode 9: Josh Cohen prescribes Wallace Stevens’ THE PLAIN SENSE OF THINGS
Episode 10: Alexander MacLeod prescribes Elizabeth Bishop’s IN THE WAITING ROOM
Episode 11: Rachel Kelly prescribes George Herbert’s LOVE III
Episode 12: Ryan Van Winkle prescribes Michael Burkard’s TOOTH
Episode 13: Mary Jean Chan prescribes DEDICATIONS by Adrienne Rich
Episode 14: Amaan Hyder prescribes A RECOGNITION by Shani Mootoo
Episode 15: Chen Chen prescribes Keegan Lester’s TO THE TIN BAND THAT READ: KEEGAN MATTHEW LESTER
Episode 16: Finn Menzies prescribes AFTERNOON by Max Ritvo
Episode 17: Kaveh Akbar prescribes THE NEIGHBORHOOD DOG by Russell Edson
Episode 18: Khairani Barokka prescribes THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Episode 19: Keegan Lester prescribes AFTER WATCHING A VIDEO OF FRIEDA & DIEGO IN THE CASA AZUL by Eva Maria Saavedra
EPISODE 20: Donika Kelly prescribes Praise House by Gabrielle Calvocoressi
EPISODE 21: Natalie Eilbert prescribes ELM by Sylvia Plath
EPISODE 22: CAConrad prescribes BIGGEST LOSER by Sophie Robinson
EPISODE 23: Edward Doegar prescribes NICE by Karen Solie
EPISODE 24: Ronna Bloom prescribes Hafiz, Coleridge, and Virgil
EPISODE 25: Sandra Simonds prescribes I KNOW A MAN by Robert Creeley & SONNET by Bernadette Mayer
EPISODE 26: Richard Scott prescribes PRACTISING by Marie Howe