Episode 14: Amaan Hyder prescribes A RECOGNITION by Shani Mootoo + DO YOU SPEAK PERSIAN by Kaveh Akbar

Welcome to a new season of the show, now rebranded and slightly reformatted as POETRY PHARMACY!

You might notice that we have a slightly different way of doing things: two readers, three poems, and even more POETRY LOVE than ever before.

We’re kicking off the new season with AMAAN HYDER, author of a recent collection of poetry At Hajj (Penned In The Margins) who reads to me a poem from a collection he loves by the writer and visual artist Shani Mootoo. I then read and we talk about a poem I love by Kaveh Akbar, and we finish with Amaan’s poem The Clot.

Links to the poems read and discussed in this episode: Shani Mootoo’s A RECOGNITION / Kaveh Akbar’s DO YOU SPEAK PERSIAN? /Amaan Hyder’s THE CLOT.

[Theme music for the podcast is from Vladimir Martynov’s The Beatitudes played by the wonderful coversart on YouTube]

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