Wild Geese by Mary Oliver #2

Relaxing by Moni Pics on FlickrOK, I’m going to come clean here and admit that last night I watched a Richard Curtis film (About Time) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mitigating circumstances: 1) It was late, 2) I wanted something easy-going on the eyeballs/brain, 3) I’m obsessed with time-travel stories. Which is peculiar because I have zero interest in straight science-fiction, but time travel moves me. Even when it’s packaged in a somewhat lame vehicle. I just like what the premise does to the insides of my head.

Today, as I was grabbing a 30-minute walk and by-heart session with Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese I thought again about the film, and a scene that perhaps encapsulates better than all the philosophy tomes in the world just what is meant by “letting the soft animal of your body love what it loves”.

It’s not about sex (well, not entirely), not about stuffing your face with biscuits (almost a packet today, soft animal!) but rather couched in the absolute humdrum, the harsh and exciting impedimenta of the everyday.

[You can watch the excerpt from the film here]

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