Terra Cognita #2: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Only a month in, and already I’m moving the goalposts.

My original side-bar description read:

A year of living (and learning) by heart a poem a week – with reflections on memory, poetry, and other “stuff” as I go along.

It now reads:

A year (June 2012 – June 2013{{1}}) of living and learning by heart the poems I love – with reflections on memory, poetry, and other “stuff” as I go along.

The poem-a-week idea went out the window because, as you can see, I am still memorising and think-feeling my way into ‘What Is The Language Using Us For’, and it’s turned into a relatively slow process.

[[1]]Even these dates are somewhat mendacious. I didn’t start doing this in June, but July. And yet, my birthday’s in June, and it was around this time that I felt I needed a mid-year resolution. July has no significance for me, so June it is. I wonder if The Bible was written bit like this: focusing on the meaningful, not worrying too much about the historical.[[1]]

The hectoring part of me says: “The deal was 52 poems, Steve. One a week! Where’s the discipline, the framework, the bankability of “as many poems as I can get through, in as long as it takes me”. People want feats they can turn into shareable memes. He learnt a poem a day!  He made a skull art-work every day, for a year! Erik Schveima did a year of incredible mixed-media drawings inspired by the LA Times, one a day! And you can’t even memorise a poem a week!?”

The anti-Hector however says: “But isn’t this whole thing about less is more? Aren’t you discovering as you go along, that it feels really really good to get that poem well written into and onto your bones, as Kim Rosen would say, that the longer you spend steeping yourself in its lines, the more they reveal to you? Take your time, go slow, go deep. Enjoy.”

I like the anti-Hector. We should hang out more often.

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