Everything Is Waiting For You #6

One poem learnt, 51 to go.

My first week of by-hearting has been very satisfying.

I’ve confirmed what I’d already suspected: that using an enervated memory that isn’t even required to hold other people’s phone numbers anymore is very hard work.

But then when you do finally get that poem learnt and recitable, you immediately forget that it took you 8 – 10 hours to get 24 lines committed to memory, and start strutting around like a mnemonic John Travolta at a Poetry Slam.

Then you sit down to record what you’ve just learnt and the strut withers.

[Music: Musicians from Marlboro – Wind Quintet in A Major, Op. 43]

Next week…Gerard Manley Hopkins.

2 thoughts on “Everything Is Waiting For You #6

  • I am trying this too. ‘Sea Fever’ by John Masefield. And boy oh boy am I struggling. I learn a verse till I am sure I know it perfectly- go to sleep; the next morning- I can hardly remember one line completely. OMG this is proving such a (scary) eye -opener. Can I possibly blame my age this time (64)?

  • Yes, the memorised recitation is a different creature, Jenn. Looking forward to hearing some of your memorised pieces on our future walks!

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