Everything Is Waiting For You #1

So this is how I might do it.

Each week, I’ll choose a poem and read it aloud. Like this.


(Don’t you love the way the soundvial fills up with the sanguinary words? I fiddled with the HTML to get the bloodiest hue I could find: B40404. Where I see blood, Martha Stewart sees Ladybugs. I guess Martha wouldn’t want to sell blood as part of her LivingTM  craft collection. And yet what is blood if not Living (TM) paint, wine, words?)

I’ll also provide a link to the poem, or the text itself.

At the end of the week I’ll make another recording of myself, but this time reciting the poem by heart.  I’m interested to see how the inflections of the piece might change when delivered by heart rather than off the page. What will a week of chewing on the poem as I go about my daily rounds reveal?

If anything of interest emerges, I’ll tell you about it on here.

9 thoughts on “Everything Is Waiting For You #1

  • Excellent! I love this and am sharing it with some like minded friends.

  • Wonderful. If you do any blogging about your poem-by-hearting, could you tag each post “by heart”, as I’ll be linking up from the page to others who are joining the poesy-mnemonics.

  • I love David Whyte? Have you read his latest book, PILGRIM? I’ve ordered it in CD form through his website: http://www.DavidWhyte.com. Did you hear about his Northwest Retreat this fall? I’ll be there for sure. It’s at a place called wwww.IslandWood.org and can be accessed for registration through their conference site: http://islandwood.org/conferences/poetryinthewoods

    What other favorite poems of his speak to you?

    • Thanks for this info, Jennifer. I would LOVE to go to this, but alas it’s not entirely in my neck of the woods (ha!), and don’t have the dosh to fly there at the mo.

  • Great stuff, Sarah. Maybe a couple of Kenneth White poems, 😉

  • Thanks Melissa. Did a big old Google when I had the idea of learning and writing about one poem each week, thinking loads of other people would be blogging about your poetry by-hearting. The only person I’ve found so far, blog-wise, is you. Anyone else out there, doing this? Please do let me know as I’ll add you to my ‘Breathing Through The Same Nostril” link-section of the site.

  • Thanks Melissa. That’s very generous of you. Let’s hope between us we can inspire a whole tranche of the Internet to learn and fall deeply, wildly, irresponsibly in love with poetry.

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